Philosophy, or something like it

I try to surround myself with inspiration, talking to intelligent and creative people, reading books of diverse genres, watching television that tells a good story. And sometimes, all of this inspiration reaches critical mass in my head and something new is born. This new thing, sometimes a story idea, sometimes a new way of looking at life, hits me at the most inopportune moment. Most often when I’m on a long car trip or about to fall asleep. The most recent thing seemed important enough to make me turn on a light and write it down, even important enough to share with the cyber-community.

1. All people have value because all people have potential.

2. Worth you have to earn.

3. Your worth is determined by how ardently you are willing to purse your potential.

We have all been given the tools to pursue our own potential. Aside from this, there is no cosmic plan, no great purpose to fulfill.

4. Nothing we do matters.

At least, no single act or even life of work will save the world. The fate of the human race does not rest on your shoulders. You will not fail, or win, based on a single decision. But,

5. Because nothing we do matters,  all that matters is what we do.

Every day, each moment, is a gift, a challenge, an opportunity to choose to strive toward potential rather than shy away from it. This is a battle that can never be won. For

6. Potential cannot be achieved, it can only be pursued.

So what does this mean? It means that worth cannot be proven with a single act. It must be earned, over and over, every day, perhaps every moment. And oh what a blessing, for if no single act can save us. Then no single act can doom us. We are free to leave the past behind and strive forward into the bright light of our potential. There is always room, always time, always redemption to be found, or at least sought. Your potential cannot leave you. And though it can’t be won, It can, and should, be fought for.


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