What do we want: Self-discipline! When do we want it? …Tomorrow.

Oh right, I had a blog once didn’t I. I was going to write in it a couple of times a week and thus achieve the writer’s greatest desire – feedback, the knowledge that someone is listening (reading, whatever), and cared enough about what you wrote to answer back.

The great downfall of the blog, is that in order to achieve this magical connection, the blogger must first write something. *sigh*

And so here I am, back again, sitting in front of my computer, scattering my words like seeds into the weeds of the internet, hoping that some of them will sprout and grow and fight their way out into the sunlight to bloom for one glorious moment, before they are trampled under the feet of the latest meme.

I would love to be able to promise you that I will be back again in a few days, writing wise thoughts that expand your mind and drive you to  creativity, but I don’t like to make promises I am not sure I can keep. Deep down in the depth of my soul I am a journalist, not an author. I write best under a tight deadline, with too much caffeine pumping through my blood and ticking of the clock in my ears. Without deadlines, I find it hard to force myself to write… self-discipline is not my strong point.

But I’ll write about it anyway. I have met people with extraordinary self-discipline, people who can decide they want something and then march unswerving  for hours and days and years until they reach it. I am not that kind of people. For me, self-discipline takes trickery, bribes and ideally, some outside influence. I have learned to schedule my time so that I have hours of alone time with a social event at the end. I can usually get myself to work if I sit down and say, “look, you have three hours, and if you don’t get all ten of these things done in that three hours they won’t get done because you have this that and the other thing scheduled.”

All ten things never get done, but on a good day I can get through the first five. How do you get yourself to sit down, shut up and write something?


One thought on “What do we want: Self-discipline! When do we want it? …Tomorrow.

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  1. Just so you kow, someone is listening (reading)! I have self-discipline when I have work to do, but not so much or the personal kind (ie: diet, exercise,etc).
    I think it comes from much training as a youngster to get it done before you can move on….guess your parents didn’t work you hard enough!
    But that’s okay, you enjoy stuff–like your life, your friends, your family, and even your work. Don’t trade it for “self-discipline”

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